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07 May 2013 @ 09:59 am

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I submit my entry to the challenge?
In a comment to the challenge post unless anything else is stated in the rules.

2. Can I submit something old I've made?
No, you can't. The entry must be new and original and you must keep it a secret until the challenge results are posted unless we give permission to post on your own journal.

3. Can I share my entry with other people?
Yes, you can but not before the challenge and the voting are over.

4. Can I submit other people's work?
No, you can't.

5. Can I vote for my own entry?
No, it wouldn't be fair. And besides if everyone voted for their own entries, how is there ever going to be a competition?

6. What if I can't do a challenge?
Then you don't do it. That's the way things go. If you can't make graphics, it's fine, you can still participate in writing and games and vice versa.

7. I have a problem. What do I do?
You either go here and post you problem or contact me or one of your team leaders. We're always ready to help.

The Rules

Basic Rules
1. No swearing, you can censor it but it still best if you just don't swear in the community. This way it will be a nicer place for everyone.
2. No bashing of other members, other teams, actors, characters etc. Everyone has the right to have an opinion, just don't try force yours on anyone else.
3. Everyone is required to participate in at least one challenge every nine challenges. Please note that this means an actual challenge, not just voting/feedback on things other people have made. Most of the time there are three challenges open - games, writing and graphic - so even if you are unable to make graphics and write, you can still enter the games. If you don't participate for nine challenges in a row, you'll get a warning from a moderator and if you still don't participate after that, you'll be removed from the team and the comm. There will be exceptions, for example the first and last week of a battle when things are going slower and there are no challenges or there are only 1-2 challenges. If you're going to be unable to participate for a period of time, for example holidays or coursework,you can always go on a hiatus but the period of hiatus cannot be longer than four weeks. If you need to leave for longer, you'll have to leave the community and will need to reapply when you come back. But you're always welcome to come back.
4. The community moderators are the ones who determine who will be kicked out of the community, but they will not be random and reasonless, so as long as you follow the rules, you'll be fine.
5. Reply to this post to confirm you've read the rules.
6. Have fun!

Team Rules
1. If you want to leave the community, leave a comment on this post.
2. If you want to change teams, PM me and your team leader with the reasons (or wait and see if there’s an offer to change at the end of the battle).
3. You can change teams only once, so choose wisely.
4. Most of the challenges require participation from the members and not the team as a whole but there might be some which require exactly that, so be good to your team and they'll be good to you.
5. When you participate in a challenge, don't forget to reply to your team’s thread or you will not get points.

Challenge Rules
1. Read the rules carefully. You will not be given points or warnings for failing to follow the rules or submission rules.
2. Everything you enter into the challenges must be new, original and made by you.
3. If a template for submission is given, use it.

Points Rules
1. Every challenge gives certain amount of points for participation, normally around 10-25 points.
2. For the winners there are bonus points determined by the difficulty of the challenge.
3. Points are allocated after the challenge is over! So don't ask why the points of your team haven't changed if the challenge is still open.
4. Each battle lasts three months, and after the battle is over the team with the most points is declared The Winner! After that, a new battle will start, everything will go back to the beginning and the teams will have zero points and so on.
jacquelee: Cara b&wjacquelee on May 31st, 2013 06:23 pm (UTC)
Look, I've read the rules. :D I didn't read the comment in the 20 questions game before you deleted them and I'm dying to know if I was right or not. :P I know I could just wait a few hours for the challenge to be over and results to be posted but gnaaaaaah. I was never good at waiting. :D So, here you are, this is exactly the sort of thing that makes me do all the things, keeping me hanging in a game. :P
Caitlin Morganmuses_mistress on May 31st, 2013 06:38 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I'm too fast for my own good - you got it right.