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Application for Battle 20 (previous members only)

If you're a current member of legendland, you can ignore this post. This application for is only for those returning to legendland for the final battle.

RETURNING MEMBERS: Please fill in the form and submit it to a new comment below.
Please complete this form before midnight GMT on March 15th

(Teams: Confessors, Mord’Sith, Seekers & Wizards (maybe))
When were last a member?
Teams in order of preference: (Confessor, Mord-Sith, Seeker)
If we have a 4th team, what is your new order? (Confessor, Mord-Sith, Seeker, Wizard)
Have you watched all the episodes?
Have you read any of the books?:
Anything Else?

can only be born of faith because reason,
Confessors - Gay for Caitlin

Battle 16

Hey everyone and WELCOME TO BATTLE 16

Battle 16 starts today and Graphic challenge will be up and running shortly (if Alyse remembers).

We're losing a few members this battle. We say a sad goodbye to: spiritcoda (Seeker), madame_denna (Mord'Sith), anlorew1 (Mord'Sith) & jacquelee (Confessor).

Our teams are slightly unbalanced (one member short on Mord'Sith), so if you know someone who'd like to come play, please encourage them (and make sure they're Mord'Sith).

Let's see if we can have another great battle :)

You're awesome mods (Caitlin & Alyse)

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Basically this is the post where you can share if you have any problems or questions. It will be put in the sidebar and you will be able to find it anytime you need it. If you don't want to post your problems publicly, then your team leaders and I are always there to help solve any problems. Don't hesitate to talk to someone.

Comments are screened for your own comfort.
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Hi, and welcome to legendland, a games community for Legend of the Seeker and Sword of Truth fans. This guide will hopefully help you get started with the games and get you interacting with your team members.

Firstly, I'm hoping you've been to the community invitations page and accepted invites to legendland, ll_listener and your team community, which will be either team_seeker (for Seekers), confessors (for Confessors) or mordsith_temple (for Mord'sith).

Starting off with the challenges in legendland should be really easy - all the currently open challenges are kept updated in a sticky post at on the front page of the community. There is also the points spreadsheet which has a list of all challenges for that battle in it. A link to the spreadsheet is available on the community sidebar.

Each challenge is posted in a new post to the community. All the information you should need will be in that post. When you've finished your challenge, you post it to your team thread unless otherwise instructed.

The Teams

Each team handles their welcoming and new members information differently and as you only have access to your team's community, you should only need to pay attention to your team's info below. Please note that links in this section will only be accessible to team members.

To introduce yourself to Team Confessor, start meeting the members and making new friends visit this post here and copy the form and make a new post to the community.

To introduce yourself to Team Mord'sith, start meeting the members and making new friends, visit this post here and copy the form and make a new post to the community.

To introduce yourself to Team Seeker, start meeting the members and making new friends, just find the welcome post with your name in it and say hi!

The Terminology

As with everything else, there are a lot of words and shorthand names for things and methods in the community. So to help you out with what things mean, here's a list of terms I've picked up over the last few weeks and a description to go with it.

Challenge: When this is used, it refers to the main objective we've posted. Usually you'll find these posts starting with Challenge ## so you can track if you've done a challenge by its number.

Writing: We use this generic term instead of story or fic because we also challenge you to write poems, or articles and other such things that aren't always stories.

Graphic & images: Mostly we use Graphic for this one, but you'll find the word "Image" used a lot in these posts because you have make and post the image. We use graphic because occasionally what you'll do is manipulate or draw your images, so the term refers to a lot of different things.

Games: These are always fun, but widely varied. We post games such as luck and chance, card games, graphic games, picture games and word games and to save you the headache, we just bung it all in the one word. Games.

Post: Post is the main section of the challenge post where all the top level information is. Only the moderators can post to legendland, but everyone can post to their own team community and ll_listener.

Thread: A lot of people get confused with this one. A thread (or comment) is a line of conversation in a post (with me so far?). Each challenge has 4 threads posted to it, titled: Questions, Team Confessor, Team Mord'sith& Team Seeker. Each thread has a "Reply to this" link under it so when we say "Reply to your team thread" we mean click the "Reply to this" button under the thread with your team name in the title.

Mods & Team Leaders: Mods (short for Moderators) are those controlling the challenges and members on legendland, namely muses_mistress & alyse. Team Leaders are something else. There are 2 team leaders in each team, as follows:
TEAM CARA: endgirl & madame_denna
TEAM KAHLAN: confessorlove & muses_mistress
TEAM RICHARD: alyse & mcc2040

PM: stands for Private Message. This can be accessed via the member's profile.

DQ: stands for Disqualified - watch out for this, if you don't follow the rules, you'll be DQ'd.

If you know of a term not listed above, please leave me a comment.

Legendland Communities

This is the main community and where every challenge is posted. In the sidebar you can find the team's points and the currently active challenges. There is also a list of useful links you might need.

Team Richard's headquarters. You can find team building posts, reminders, discussions and strategies posted there. Anything team related goes there. Every member of the team has posting access.

Team Kahlan's headquarters. You can find team building posts, reminders, discussions and strategies posted there. Anything team related goes there. Every member of the team has posting access.

Team Cara's headquarters. You can find team building posts, reminders, discussions and strategies posted there. Anything team related goes there. Every member of the team has posting access.

Legendland's socializing community. Everyone is allowed to post there, whether this is different socializing themes or LOTS news.
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The Sidebar

The legendland community sidebar (pictured below) contains a lot of useful information and links that you will find handy while you're here. Everything important is listed, from the Rules, applications and a link to your team in case you lose a bookmark.

Below is an explanation of everything on the sidebar, right down to the tags section :)
At the top of the sidebar is the current battle's start and end date and the latest points (or at least the points at the time of the last update). The link under the points takes you to a spreadsheet with all the individual points for each team and each member, so you can have a look at this any time you like.
The links section has the most important areas in it. Things like Applications for people wanting to join the fun, FAQ for any questions you might ask (and if it's not there you can always ask it), and the all important, please read before you join, Rules!

Along with those though, there are also posts for:
Questions/Problems for anyone who has an issue they can't post anywhere else.
Suggestion Box in case you have ideas you want to see on the community.
Hiatus for when you go on holiday or just need a break.
And Affiliates lists.
The "For Beginners" Section is probably the link you used to get here. It contains links to the most used pages of this guide. But there is one main page on there:

Guide for Beginners: Contains a list of places to look for information, how to get started and play and what you need to know about the community.
Guide to Challenges: tells you all about the challenges we play in each battle.
Guide to Legendland Communities: has explanations of all the comms connected to legendland.
Legendland Comms section has links to each of the team communities (confessors, team_seeker & mordsith_temple) as well as containing a link to the Team Leaders' comm (which you won't be able to read the posts on unless you become a team leader) and the social community (ll_listener).
Tags are here on the sidebar in case you need to go back to a challenge for some reason. Perhaps you need a reminder of what graphic you posted so you don't vote for yourself (I've done this before). Either way, you can use the tags to find the older challenges. Every post is tagged with the battle number and its type of challenge - Graphics for example are tagged "battle 7: graphics" and voting for them tagged "battle 7: graphics" & "battle 7: voting" and you can see the pattern I hope!

The Challenge Posts

Our challenge posts are laid out pretty much the same. The only differences are in special challenge, but those still have this basic information.

The image below has one of the past challenges from battle 7, I picked this one because I always forget to close the post so it has no bolded "CLOSED" at the top (if you see this, you're too late to enter).

(Click for bigger version)

(Click for bigger version)

A: The Challenge number - not something you desperately need to know, but it can come in helpful if you're tracking challenges. You can just write down the number because we put a different one on each challenge. You can also see from this that you'll have Challenge 06 Voting and then Challenge 06 Results, both of which link back to this particular challenge.

B: The Mission. It's a short description you can use to decide if you want to do this challenge. It will give you the absolute basic information on the challenge. Writing, graphics or game will all tell you what you're doing in as few words as possible.

C: Deadline: The most important bit is here –this is when you have to have finished your part of the challenge by. Nine times out of 10 we have a countdown link on this part too you can use it to make sure you get your entry in on time; however be careful when using it because after it hits zero, it doesn't start using negative numbers, it counts up.

Usually, between C & D there's a little information about the challenge, the fuller details of the mission.

D: The rules are really important - they change from challenge to challenge so make sure you read them carefully. With graphic challenges you might get caught out with where you can and can't upload and writing challenges a max word count could change and you'll end up missing the challenge.

E: Points tell you what you can earn for each challenge, again this changes depending on how difficult the challenge is. The only bit of info you won't find here is the points given to the winners after voting. We leave these off because we can't predict how many people will enter each challenge and thus how many winners there will be (for example, whether or not we will give points for second and third places). We also reflect how the voting has gone in the points awarded, for example if there are ties for first, second or third place we may give slightly lower points to individual winners than we might originally have envisaged, or if we have one clear winner by a wide margin we may decide to have only one winner, who then gets more points. Consequently, points for winners aren't usually decided before the results are in, but are generally in the 30/40 points range for first place, with step downs for second, third (and maybe even fourth if we're feeling generous).

F: Questions Thread. Please make sure you use the "reply to this" button to ask a question. If we're not tracking the post and you don't reply to this particular thread your question might get overlooked.

G: These three buttons are the most important part. You absolutely must reply to your Team Comment or you'll miss out on points, voting/feedback and the chance to win.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I submit my entry to the challenge?
In a comment to the challenge post unless anything else is stated in the rules.

2. Can I submit something old I've made?
No, you can't. The entry must be new and original and you must keep it a secret until the challenge results are posted unless we give permission to post on your own journal.

3. Can I share my entry with other people?
Yes, you can but not before the challenge and the voting are over.

4. Can I submit other people's work?
No, you can't.

5. Can I vote for my own entry?
No, it wouldn't be fair. And besides if everyone voted for their own entries, how is there ever going to be a competition?

6. What if I can't do a challenge?
Then you don't do it. That's the way things go. If you can't make graphics, it's fine, you can still participate in writing and games and vice versa.

7. I have a problem. What do I do?
You either go here and post you problem or contact me or one of your team leaders. We're always ready to help.

The Rules

Basic Rules
1. No swearing, you can censor it but it still best if you just don't swear in the community. This way it will be a nicer place for everyone.
2. No bashing of other members, other teams, actors, characters etc. Everyone has the right to have an opinion, just don't try force yours on anyone else.
3. Everyone is required to participate in at least one challenge every nine challenges. Please note that this means an actual challenge, not just voting/feedback on things other people have made. Most of the time there are three challenges open - games, writing and graphic - so even if you are unable to make graphics and write, you can still enter the games. If you don't participate for nine challenges in a row, you'll get a warning from a moderator and if you still don't participate after that, you'll be removed from the team and the comm. There will be exceptions, for example the first and last week of a battle when things are going slower and there are no challenges or there are only 1-2 challenges. If you're going to be unable to participate for a period of time, for example holidays or coursework,you can always go on a hiatus but the period of hiatus cannot be longer than four weeks. If you need to leave for longer, you'll have to leave the community and will need to reapply when you come back. But you're always welcome to come back.
4. The community moderators are the ones who determine who will be kicked out of the community, but they will not be random and reasonless, so as long as you follow the rules, you'll be fine.
5. Reply to this post to confirm you've read the rules.
6. Have fun!

Team Rules
1. If you want to leave the community, leave a comment on this post.
2. If you want to change teams, PM me and your team leader with the reasons (or wait and see if there’s an offer to change at the end of the battle).
3. You can change teams only once, so choose wisely.
4. Most of the challenges require participation from the members and not the team as a whole but there might be some which require exactly that, so be good to your team and they'll be good to you.
5. When you participate in a challenge, don't forget to reply to your team’s thread or you will not get points.

Challenge Rules
1. Read the rules carefully. You will not be given points or warnings for failing to follow the rules or submission rules.
2. Everything you enter into the challenges must be new, original and made by you.
3. If a template for submission is given, use it.

Points Rules
1. Every challenge gives certain amount of points for participation, normally around 10-25 points.
2. For the winners there are bonus points determined by the difficulty of the challenge.
3. Points are allocated after the challenge is over! So don't ask why the points of your team haven't changed if the challenge is still open.
4. Each battle lasts three months, and after the battle is over the team with the most points is declared The Winner! After that, a new battle will start, everything will go back to the beginning and the teams will have zero points and so on.
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The ULTIMATE Ultimate Episode

There we have it, I did the same poll 2 different ways and the same episode won both! The iron thing to this is that when you told me your episodes in order or favourite to least favourite I gave each item in your list points (least being 1 point, most being 44 points) and guess which episode was at the top - that's right, our now ultimate ultimate episode - I'll show you the points of each episode below, just for the fun of it :)

the ULTIMATE ultimate episode


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New Member Applications

legendland is now closed, but we are working on a reunion running September 1, 2016 - November 30, 2016. Everyone is welcome so this form is simply a bit of knowledge for me and for you to pick your team.

I will be sticking to the three original teams (Confessor [confessors], Mord-Sith [mordsith_temple], Seeker [team_seeker]) so pick wisely.

Please note That I want to try and keep teams EVEN! I will be updating the members list below as much as possible so please choose wisely and know that I might ask you to change from where I put you. Team invitation will go out in August, but anyone not in Legendland will be invited asap.


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(no subject)

Reapplications are now closed, and everyone who didnt reapply has been kicked. Applications are now open, so if anyone forgot to reapply and wants to, now is the chance, but be aware that Team Cara is closed, and Team Kahlan has one spot left. Team members please deal with the people who havent reapplied on your team comms. Its up to you how long you let people stay, but please make sure its done by the end of the hiatus period.

If I've removed anyone who's reapplied, link me to your reapplication comment and yell at me in the comments.
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Surprise Reverse Bingo

This was supposed to be on Saturday but since I blabbed about it, here's your surprise early reverse bingo! Confused yet? xD

Reverse bingo is like normal bingo except that your goal is not to get bingo.

You play with your cards from the last bingo we played. You get no participation points as you already got them for the previous bingo. You only get points if you don't get a bingo. Feel free to chat in the post whil you wait :)

You don't have to be here to claim reverse bingo!

So is everyone ready? Let's begin.

Bingo Hall

Updates frequency: 15 names every 5 minutes

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