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07 May 2013 @ 10:01 am

The Sidebar

The legendland community sidebar (pictured below) contains a lot of useful information and links that you will find handy while you're here. Everything important is listed, from the Rules, applications and a link to your team in case you lose a bookmark.

Below is an explanation of everything on the sidebar, right down to the tags section :)
At the top of the sidebar is the current battle's start and end date and the latest points (or at least the points at the time of the last update). The link under the points takes you to a spreadsheet with all the individual points for each team and each member, so you can have a look at this any time you like.
The links section has the most important areas in it. Things like Applications for people wanting to join the fun, FAQ for any questions you might ask (and if it's not there you can always ask it), and the all important, please read before you join, Rules!

Along with those though, there are also posts for:
Questions/Problems for anyone who has an issue they can't post anywhere else.
Suggestion Box in case you have ideas you want to see on the community.
Hiatus for when you go on holiday or just need a break.
And Affiliates lists.
The "For Beginners" Section is probably the link you used to get here. It contains links to the most used pages of this guide. But there is one main page on there:

Guide for Beginners: Contains a list of places to look for information, how to get started and play and what you need to know about the community.
Guide to Challenges: tells you all about the challenges we play in each battle.
Guide to Legendland Communities: has explanations of all the comms connected to legendland.
Legendland Comms section has links to each of the team communities (confessors, team_seeker & mordsith_temple) as well as containing a link to the Team Leaders' comm (which you won't be able to read the posts on unless you become a team leader) and the social community (ll_listener).
Tags are here on the sidebar in case you need to go back to a challenge for some reason. Perhaps you need a reminder of what graphic you posted so you don't vote for yourself (I've done this before). Either way, you can use the tags to find the older challenges. Every post is tagged with the battle number and its type of challenge - Graphics for example are tagged "battle 7: graphics" and voting for them tagged "battle 7: graphics" & "battle 7: voting" and you can see the pattern I hope!

The Challenge Posts

Our challenge posts are laid out pretty much the same. The only differences are in special challenge, but those still have this basic information.

The image below has one of the past challenges from battle 7, I picked this one because I always forget to close the post so it has no bolded "CLOSED" at the top (if you see this, you're too late to enter).

(Click for bigger version)

(Click for bigger version)

A: The Challenge number - not something you desperately need to know, but it can come in helpful if you're tracking challenges. You can just write down the number because we put a different one on each challenge. You can also see from this that you'll have Challenge 06 Voting and then Challenge 06 Results, both of which link back to this particular challenge.

B: The Mission. It's a short description you can use to decide if you want to do this challenge. It will give you the absolute basic information on the challenge. Writing, graphics or game will all tell you what you're doing in as few words as possible.

C: Deadline: The most important bit is here –this is when you have to have finished your part of the challenge by. Nine times out of 10 we have a countdown link on this part too you can use it to make sure you get your entry in on time; however be careful when using it because after it hits zero, it doesn't start using negative numbers, it counts up.

Usually, between C & D there's a little information about the challenge, the fuller details of the mission.

D: The rules are really important - they change from challenge to challenge so make sure you read them carefully. With graphic challenges you might get caught out with where you can and can't upload and writing challenges a max word count could change and you'll end up missing the challenge.

E: Points tell you what you can earn for each challenge, again this changes depending on how difficult the challenge is. The only bit of info you won't find here is the points given to the winners after voting. We leave these off because we can't predict how many people will enter each challenge and thus how many winners there will be (for example, whether or not we will give points for second and third places). We also reflect how the voting has gone in the points awarded, for example if there are ties for first, second or third place we may give slightly lower points to individual winners than we might originally have envisaged, or if we have one clear winner by a wide margin we may decide to have only one winner, who then gets more points. Consequently, points for winners aren't usually decided before the results are in, but are generally in the 30/40 points range for first place, with step downs for second, third (and maybe even fourth if we're feeling generous).

F: Questions Thread. Please make sure you use the "reply to this" button to ask a question. If we're not tracking the post and you don't reply to this particular thread your question might get overlooked.

G: These three buttons are the most important part. You absolutely must reply to your Team Comment or you'll miss out on points, voting/feedback and the chance to win.